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It is BelGaN’s ambition to be a leading 200mm automotive-qualified GaN (Gallium-Nitride) semiconductor open foundry in Belgium, at the heart of the “GaN Valleyᵀᴹ” ecosystem in Europe.

BelGaN is innovating, developing, and producing a roadmap of state-of-the-art and novel GaN technologies to build GaN chips for a sustainable electrified future. Founded in 2023, BelGaN has developed and qualified its first generation 650V emode GaN platform technology, and is currently sampling multiple customers and ramping-up production. Furthermore, recently also the 2nd generation 650V emode GaN platform is released for customer sampling, and several R&D programs are ongoing on next generation GaN technologies. In all this, BelGaN closely cooperates with a network of R&D and supply chain partners, and leading customers.

Early 2023 BelGaN also launched GaN Valleyᵀᴹ, a European-based ecosystem connecting universities & companies that are active along the GaN value chain, energizing a faster adoption of innovation and accelerating the scale-up of a Ga-based industry in Europe. Today, GaN Valleyᵀᴹ already counts over 55 members and is growing fast.

The BelGaN site in Oudenaarde employs 450 people.

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  • 100-500 werknemers
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  • Master IIW: Elektromechanica
  • Master IIW: Elektronica-ICT: Elektronica
  • Bachelor: Elektromechanica
  • Bachelor: Elektronica-ICT: Elektronica
  • Graduaat: Elektromechanische systemen
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  • Elektrotechnieken en elektronica, High tech solutions, Productie, Research & development


Westerring 15, 9700 Oudenaarde